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Scripps RNs



By joining together, we will have a stronger voice to advocate for our patients, our communities, and our profession.

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Join Us By Signing The Card

Click or scan the QR code to sign the e-authorization card

to organize and join UNAC/UHCP.

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Secure What You Like
in a Contract

San Diego Kaiser ICU RN Paullette Ashkiani explains how managers can change, but a contract is secure.

All Nurses Need a Break

Join us in reminding Scripps management to follow their own policy and California labor law by giving nurses their appropriate breaks. 

Know Your Rights

Under the National Labor Relations Act, you have the legal right to talk about and join a union.


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Hayley Kellas, OB RN
Sharp Mary Birch

"When I started for $36 an hour at Sharp in 2015, we had terrible retention problems. Now I make $63 an hour because we won huge pay increases in our 2022 contract negotiations, between 20-36%, so we can recruit and retain nurses."

Scripps organizing mtg 02.22.23-38.jpg

Lisa Nguyen, ICU RN
Kaiser San Diego

As UNAC/UHCP RNs at Kaiser, we have a contract that ensures a seat at the table with management to address issues affecting nurses and patient care."

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Meagan Davison, DOU RN
Kaiser San Diego

"After what we went through during the pandemic, every nurse deserves to be valued for the care they bring to patients. We have elevated the profession with our union so that we have a voice for patient care."

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